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Tuna Lures

Lures for Catching Tuna

Our recommened list when offshore fishing for tuna.

Tuna Tango Feather
Smoke Rattle & Troll Feather

Available in 6 different feather colors.

This item is out of stock
Sea Witch

15 Colors | 8 Sizes
The Original Sea Witch

$2.50 - $5.00
C&H Tuna Witch
Tuna Witch

8.5" Long | Over 20 Colors
Mylar, Nylon and Vinyl Skirts
Available Professionally Rigged

$13.00 - $24.00
Limited Edition Tuna Witch 5 - Pack
Tuna Witch 5-Pack

Save Up to 35% versus Retail
5 Unique Tuna Witch Lures
with Durable Lure Case

$50.00 - $140.00
C&H Alien

7.5" Long | Over 20 Colors
Vinyl, Mylar and Nylon Skirts
Available Professionally Rigged

$10.00 - $21.00
C&H Tuna Tango
Tuna Tango

5.75" Long | 18 Colors
Available in 4 Rigs

$7.00 - $11.00
Ahi Slayer
Ahi Slayer - Disco Skirts

5" Long | 6 Colors
Available in 4 Rigs

$9.00 - $13.00
Ahi Slayer
Ahi Slayer - Feather

5" Long | 6 Colors
Available in 4 Rigs

$9.00 - $13.00
C&H Sand Eel
Sand Eel

6.75" Long | 4 Colors
3 Lures Per Pack

C&H Soft Tail Tuna Whacker
Soft Tail Tuna Whacker

6.5" Long | 10 Colors
Available Rigged

$14.00 - $18.00
Tuna Tango Feather
Tuna Tango Feather

5.75" Long | 6 Colors

Tuna Whacker Feather

Available in 6 different feather colors.

No Alibi Pro-Alibi
Pro-Alibi Trolling Feather

4 Sizes | 7 Colors
Available in 4 Rigs

$7.00 - $16.00
No-Alibi Trolling Feather
Trolling Feather

10 Sizes | 8 Colors
A Must-Have for any angler

$3.00 - $18.00
No-Alibi Trolling Feather
Trolling Feather Rigged

4 Sizes | 8 Colors
Available in 4 Rigs
A Must-Have for any angler

$3.50 - $11.00

Tuna Saltwater Fishing Lures

Now that you've found the birds and spotted the bait field, be certain that you have the right saltwater lure or bait line when fishing offshore for yellowfin tuna. The soft-tail Tuna Whacker from C&H Lures has a proven design for catching yellowfin tuna, as does the Tuna Tango. The Tango lure was designed to run deep and features a weighted head, making it a perfect choice for higher speed trolling or tuna fishing with lures in rougher waters. We also stock a complete line of Ahi Slayer fishing lures that are proven performers. The Ahi Slayer is a lightweight tuna lures with a foil strip along the skirt that gives it a lifelike appearance as it dances along the surface of the water.

C&H Lures carries the best saltwater rod-and-reels and offshore fishing accessories to satisfy any blue water angler's needs. Before your fishing trip to bag yellowfin tuna, check out our inventory of proven saltwater lures and pre-rigged bait lines. C&H has designed a signature line of tackle boxes, lure cases, bags for frozen bait and insulated fish bags to store that prize catch until you get your yellowfin back to the tournament's scales for weigh in. You can let everyone know about your catch when you fly a C&H Tuna Flag, C&H Tag Flag or C&H Release Flag from your boat's mast.

About Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna is a single species of tuna that is found in tropical and warmer waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Like other species of tuna, the yellowfin is a popular sport fish for many blue water anglers. The yellowfin tuna is a table delicacy (often served in restaurants as Ahi) and a prized catch on any angler's saltwater rod-and-reel. In the Atlantic ocean, yellowfins migrate from equatorial waters along the western Atlantic via the Gulf Stream. The dark metallic blue and silver-sided body is highlighted with yellow stripes and fins, making the yellowfin an attractive catch on any day you're fishing for tuna with our tuna lures.

Tips for Catching Tuna

Whether you're fishing with tuna lures or using a pre-rigged bait line, some precision is needed in maneuvering the boat when trolling for yellowfin tuna. Most boat captains in the Atlantic will toss chunks of bait fish or squid (chunking) in an area where they spotted birds and then carefully position the rod-and-reels and downriggers to keep the yellowfin lures and bait lines in place. Heavy saltwater rod-and-reels with lots of fishing line are needed to land large yellowfins. Although the world';s record catch for all-tackle fishing was a 388 lb. yellowfin caught off the coast of Mexico, yellowfin tuna caught in the western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico usually range from 10 lbs. to 150 lbs.

Like most tuna, the yellowfin is fast but somewhat fragile when compared to many other large ocean predators. When landing a big yellowfin to remove the lure for a catch-and-release, you should allow enough tension on the fishing line to move the tuna alongside and then carefully remove the lure's hook from the yellowfin's soft mouth. Precaution should always be taken when trying to boat a large yellowfin. It is a big fish. So, always use a team approach and have the proper fishing permits before you put a yellowfin tuna in your boat. Yellowfin catches are well regulated and enforced in the western Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.